…about Southern hospitality.

Southern hospitality is legendary. And when hubby and I went to Munford recently for my book signings and his high school reunion, we enjoyed the wonderful Southern hospitality at the home of Penny and Calvin Edmondson, hubby’s sister and her husband.

The Edmondsons live on a beautiful wooded lake. The porch built across the back of their house overlooks the lake, and on a summer morning, when the sun’s golden rays come slanting over the hills, there’s no lovelier or more peaceful sight.

As enjoyable as the surroundings are, though, it was the fellowship which made our visit special. Penny and Calvin always make guests feel at home, make them feel welcome and comfortable. It was a relaxing time, chatting over morning coffee or discussing the day’s events in the evening. A weekend at the Edmondsons’ was like a mini-vacation.

Thanks, Penny and Calvin!

Image via Dreamstime free images