Saying Something

Image © Byron Solomon via stock.xchng

The advice given to authors is to avoid commenting on religion or politics. After all, we wouldn’t want potential readers to discover what we really think and thereby lose sales of our books. But I realized that anyone who will be turned off by my statements of what I believe will likely be turned off by my books, anyway, since my world view comes out in what I write, whether fiction or non-fiction.

And of late, the danger that I see looming for my country is such that I can’t remain silent about it. Book sales are of no importance when compared to the demise of my country and the untold suffering about to be visited on my fellow citizens.

Granted, there are a huge number of those fellow citizens who have no clue what’s coming, and they embrace the very thing that will prove to be their undoing. And they will most likely ignore what I say. But I have to at least give a warning so they can’t come to me later and say, “Why didn’t you say something about what was coming?”

So…from now on, I won’t be silent, I’m saying something….