Adventures with My Timer


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When I get up in the morning, my timer has put a window up on the monitor that says, “Good Morning!” and has a snooze button on it. Usually, I just click it closed.


The other morning, my mouse was dead. I got a new battery from my desk drawer, performed “resuscitation” on my mouse, and pronounced it alive.


In the process of installing a new battery, I inadvertently clicked something on my browser, bringing it to the front, covering up the timer window. I went about my merry way, drinking my iced coffee (yes, I drink iced coffee year round, even if I shiver while drinking it), clicking my way through my facebook feed.

Hmm…what was that? I thought I heard a cuckoo clock. There it was again, a soft little “Cuckoo, cuckoo.”

“Oh,” I thought, “it must be whatever hubby is watching on television in the living room.”

I got up, moseyed into the living room and…no cuckoo clock sounds. Good. That part of the show must be over. I sauntered back to my office.


I’m hearing the cuckoo clock again. And now, there are little springtime birds singing softly, too.

Say what?


My hearing loss prevents me from being able to pinpoint the source of a sound, so I’m looking all around, wondering where this is coming from. Could it be…my computer?

I turned the volume down on the computer, and, aha! The cuckoo clock shut up. As did the little birdies.

I’m thinking there must be something on one of the open tabs that is producing the sounds…you know how those ads play videos even when you don’t want them to…grrr! So I closed the open tabs, one by one. Still cuckooing.

I finally closed the browser.

And there, hiding behind the browser, was the timer window with its cheery message… “Good Morning!” So I clicked the button to close it, and the aviary chorus disappeared. Mystery solved.

So, now I know, if I don’t close the “Good Morning” window in a timely manner, I’ll be serenaded until I do.

It’s Just a Matter of Time


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Tommie Lyn dips her pinky toe in the water of blogdom. Is it safe to come out again? Unsure of herself, she tentatively gathers what courage she still possesses and takes a baby step into the blog light. And isn’t immediately struck down. Yes! She will try blogging again.

I haven’t written a blog post in quite a while now. Life has a way of directing you down paths you never expected to walk, away from what you had planned to do. But after a while, the dust settles and you can make choices again. And today, I’m choosing to post to my poor, neglected blog.

What’s prompting this choice? you may wonder. I’ll tell you. A writerly friend of mine has been pushing and prodding, cajoling and encouraging me to get back to writing. You see, after I published my last book, On the Red Clay Hills, an overwhelming reluctance to write settled over me… “Not gonna write anymore. That’s it. The last thing I’ll ever write.” But my friend wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. So, in deference to her, I decided to start off small. After all, an innocuous blog post…what could that hurt, right?

And on top of that, my friend recently got a fitness watch that has a sedentary alarm on it. The alarm goes off, she gets up from the computer, walks a little, maybe does a little household chore, then comes back and continues what she’s doing on the computer.

Say what?

I was impressed. I was jealous. I wanted one of those watches.

But exhaustive searches on Amazon didn’t turn up one I could use, because they all require syncing to a smart phone, and I don’t have a smart phone. I did have a smart phone for a while. Hated it. Got rid of it and got a phone I like. NOT gonna get another smart phone. Not even if it enables me to use a fitness watch.


Where there’s a will, there usually is a way. (Remind me to tell you later what setlace means.)

Turns out, there are timers you can download to your computer. FREE timers (which was a plus, because the fitness watches ain’t free, not by a long shot). I downloaded one, set it up to sound the alarm after 30 minutes of inactivity (I chose a doorbell for the alarm sound because it was loud enough for someone like me who has a hearing loss), and I was in business.

It may not be as fancy as wearing a fitness watch, but, honey, it works! It has me jumping up (well, maybe not jumping up–after all, I’m an old lady–but at least getting out of my chair) and doing some walking-through-the-house and some chore-getting-done-activities.

I’m impressed!

And it even spurred me to write this blog post.