…about coming up for air.

Sometimes a writer can become buried by writing responsibilities (whether they are placed on said writer by someone/something external or whether they are shouldered willingly). I’ve been in such a predicament, self-induced, for some weeks now.

First, the push was to get Tugger’s Down edited. Done.

Next, the cover had to be designed. Done.

So…I got the manuscript edited and typeset, got the cover designed and uploaded….and Tugger’s was ready to meet the world of readers, and I’m ready to come up for air, right? Wrong.

Another novel has moved in to take Tugger’s place: High on a Mountain, the first novel I wrote.

So, instead of getting out from under the avalanche of self-induced work I’ve been laboring under since…um…I can’t remember when it started exactly…I’m now buried a little deeper.

And a sense of urgency is attending this novel’s lurch toward completion…a number of people with an interest in history want to know when it’s FINALLY going to be finished (I’ve been working on it for four years, after all…and my other novels haven’t taken anywhere near this much time to make it out of my computer and onto the bookshelf).

They have a point. So, the “nose to the grindstone, shoulder to the wheel” situation will continue for a while longer. (Actually, more than just “a while,” since the sequels to High on a Mountain have to be finished, too.) {Sigh}

And my hubby invited me to go on a cruise… Wonder if I’ll be done in time….