…about Script Frenzy.

I did it! I completed the Script Frenzy 20,000 word challenge today. Whew!My screenplay, Crawdads and Co-colas, is not complete yet, there are a couple of scenes that need to be written, but I reached the 20,000 word requirement today. As I did with NaNo, I’ll take a short break, catch up on some things and then finish it.

And then, I’ll edit it. And edit it. And edit it.

I know myself, I know my history. I will edit, and edit, and edit….


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…about screenplays.

A screenplay is not a short story, although it tells a story.

And it is not a novel, although it shares some common elements, i.e., characters, a plot, scenes, dialogue, description.

Having written two novels and several short stories, I made the assumption that writing a screenplay would be no problem. As a matter of fact, I had read advice from writers who assure other writers that it’s easy to make the transition, and that novels are harder to write. “If you can write a novel, you can write a screenplay,” they said.

Really? Hmmm.

I’m just over a week into the Script Frenzy challenge, and I can’t say I agree with that advice. Right now, anyway. My screenplay, “Crawdads and Co-colas” is developing v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. Part of the reason, I think, is the formatting. The other part is, it’s just a different animal, one I’m not accustomed to.

But, talk to me in July. I may have changed my current opinion by then.

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