…about squirrels.

Image © Jeff Jones via stock.xchng

I’m a noted squirrel chaser. When there’s a task to be done, I’m easily distracted and off chasing squirrels at a moment’s notice. And today, it happened again.

My current task required some research about horses, and I wound up on YouTube watching videos of Friesian horses. I’d never seen or heard tell of these gorgeous animals, and was totally wowed by them. Ended up spending over an hour watching videos of Friesians…and not just Friesians, either. One squirrel led to another, and I was clicking on videos of Arabian horses and Gypsy stallions, you name it, I was enthralled with the beautiful animals.

You see, when I was a child, I went through a “horse crazy” stage. I read every book written by Walter Farley (the “Black Stallion” series) and Mary O’Hara (the series that started with “My Friend Flicka”), and any other book I could find about horses. And it looks like I never got over that.


I’m just thankful that we didn’t have YouTube back then, I would have stayed absorbed watching videos about my favorite animals.

What about you? Do “squirrels” get in your way sometimes?