…about spring.

Finally! At times over the past few months, it seemed as if spring would never arrive. But at last, here it is, accompanied by brilliant blue skies, greening vegetation, warmer temps and the occasional thunderstorm. As glad as I am to welcome spring, it’s not my favorite season. That place in my seasonal esteem is claimed by autumn. But this year, spring is especially welcome.

Why? Because the winter just past coincided with a chilling aspect in my personal life: my husband had open heart surgery in December. It was a stressful, worrisome time…but prayer and reliance on God carried me through it.

And now, with his increasing recovery and reclaiming his strength, not only is the weather delightful–beautiful and warm–but so is the outlook for my husband’s health.

Praise God! He is so wonderful!

photo via stockxchange copyright Nick Pye