Why Reading (Literature from Bygone Days) Is Fundamental

Image © L. Emerson via stockxchng

Image © L. Emerson via stockxchng

I’m not altogether sure when it happened, but the American people, in general, lost touch with their language, both in written and spoken form. Every day, on Facebook, in emails, on blogs, and in other places, I see evidence of that fact.

Some problems, I suspect, may have developed because of certain accents. Like, for instance, the use of “weather” when the word should be “whether,” because in some places, people have dropped the “h” from their pronunciation. (To hear how “whether” should be pronounced, go here.) And the use of “then” when the person means “than,” or vice versa, likely stems from the same problem…pronunciation.

Other problems may have come from a lacksadaisical approach to the study of the English language in school. Like when folks write “ice tea” rather than “iced tea,” because they don’t understand WHY it should be “iced tea.” (Hint: it’s because the tea has been “iced,” i.e., poured over ice, not because the tea was made from ice…like, chamomile tea,  herb tea, ice tea, etc.)

So. If you think you may have been shortchanged as far as using the language properly, check the title. At first, it was “Why Reading Is Fundamental.” And then I realized, no, just reading per se (not “per say”) wouldn’t help, because of the plethora of misuse everywhere. No, to be exposed to words and language in such a way as to absorb how it should be used, you’d need your reading materials to have been produced during a time when people knew how to use words.

Now, lest you think I hold myself up as an example of correctness, let me say, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha {gasping for breath} ha ha ha ha ha! I’m as prone to making errors as the next person (I would normally say “the next feller,” but some would take issue with that word “feller,” and I’m trying to make a point, here, so….). But, I do try to pay attention and learn.

What do you suppose would happen if we ALL tried to pay attention and learn…..

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