Something old, something new.

Image © Svilen Milev via stock.xchng

The old? That’s easy…me!

The new? My snazzy new blog header, complete with a fancy new log line (thanks, Kristen Lamb!)

Back in June, realizing my blogging efforts, which have been sporadic and unremarkable, needed help, LOTS of help, I enrolled in a blogging class taught by Kristen Lamb. And I think it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.

First of all, I’ve learned a lot about blogging and social media.

And second, I’ve become acquainted with some wonderful folks who are my “Blogging for Brand” classmates at WANATribe. We’ve helped one another, provided encouragement when it was needed, and given valuable feedback to each other. Superlative!

Thirdly, after analyzing my “homework” assignments, Kristen offered me a list of possible log lines to consider. And they were all fantastic! But one of them just jumped out at me…it defined ME in a few chosen words: Mountains in My Heart, Sand in My Shoes.

Now, that log line is proudly emblazoned on my new blog header. I LOVE it! Thanks, Kristen! (How does she do it? Wow!)

What about you? Have you got a super log line/header for your blog? I’d love to hear about it!

Image courtesy Svilen Milev


9 thoughts on “Something old, something new.

  1. It IS perfect. It’s funny you chose that one, because it was my favorite. Funny how it seems most of you have gravitated to the ones that I felt fit each of you the best. I try to offer a lot of choices, but there is always at least one that really stands apart and it is funny how all of you guys have seemed to zone in on the one I would have selected as most “fitting.” Perhaps just shows that my little exercise reveals a lot. So happy you are enjoying the class *hugs*

    • I’m amazed at your ability to analyze and hone in on crucial elements and construct catchy and succinct phrases. Also, thanks for giving of your time and energy to do this for us. You’ve ably illustrated what you’ve told us to do…to be willing to sacrifice to help others (yes, it’s easy to see that you invest much time and energy in service to your students…thank you!).

  2. I’ve had exactly three different log lines over the course of my blogging career. One was an allusion to the fact that I was posting a lot of cheesy romantic short stories. One was a quote from Chuck Wendig that was also writing-related. I still really love it, but it doesn’t exactly scream that it’s me. My current one actually came from a post I wrote this spring (or maybe it was an interview, I can’t remember now, but really, if my memory were any worse, I could throw my own surprise party and be stunned silly), and I think it suits me pretty well: “Write or write not – there is no aspiring.”

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