…about book trailers.

They say that book trailers are not effective as part of a marketing strategy. That may be true, but I’ve enjoyed putting a couple of them together. (It may be that creating a trailer is just an excuse to procrastinate, to put off doing more needful things. But for me, it’s a time when I can immerse myself in one of my stories and enjoy spending time with my characters again. And, too, I just happen to love any creative activity, whether I’m good at it or not.)

A number of months ago, I created a trailer for the first book in my historical series, High on a Mountain, but I didn’t make a formal announcement on my blog. So, this post serves to rectify that oversight. With no further ado, here’s my book trailer for High on a Mountain:


2 thoughts on “…about book trailers.

  1. I read the beautiful and moving book about Ailean and was moved to tears. It was by far the best book I have ever read – and I’ve read so many about Scottish History despite being English! Now I’ve seen this trailer, how I wish it was mad into a film. Deep in the Valley and Across the Wide River were also excellent and the whole saga of Ailean and his family will stay with me forever. Thank you Tommie Lyn.

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