…about making books free.

Amazon.com recently started a new service (I call it a service, because that’s what it is proving to be for me). They’re offering a lending library for Amazon Prime Members who own Kindles.

I’m not a Prime Member (but I’m considering it now), so you might wonder how the lending library is of service to me.

Here’s how. If I opt to put a book into the lending library, Amazon provides the use of a special promotional tool: I can make a book free for a limited time. Making a book free is a fantastic way for an unknown author to become known…at least, to become known to those who download his/her free book.

I already knew, due to an experience with “free” in August, when I made Tugger’s Down free, that this was a powerful promotional tool. So, in the middle of December, I made the first book in my historical series, High on a Mountain, free on Kindle. And while the effect was not as dramatic as it had been for Tugger’s Down [because High on a Mountain is: 1) in a less popular genre; 2) it had a LOT of competition from other books being made free], it was a beneficial means of promotion.

And so, I made the decision to offer yet another book free…On Berryhill Road. It went free yesterday, the 25th, and I’m very pleased with the results thus far. If you own a Kindle or you have the Kindle for PC app, or a Kindle app on another device, you can download On Berryhill Road today through Thursday. It will be free for a limited time, so don’t miss out!

P.S. Don’t you think the snazzy new cover created for On Berryhill Road by Connie at Word Slinger Boutique is…well, snazzy?


4 thoughts on “…about making books free.

  1. Welcome, Michael! Happy to have you following! And I just joined your blog. I'll be checking out your books. I enjoy reading thrillers (and have written a couple myself). Plus, I often include a touch of the supernatural in my stories.

  2. I knew that wasn’t the cover on MY Berryhill Road book. Living on Berryhill Road in your hometown and knowing you for a long time, I had to buy that book. Little did I know I would read it non stop from after church Sunday morning till that night. I laid in my hammock and read till I finished it. It was moving and I loved every minute of the read. I have found that in all of your books. I think one day your name will be on a lot of lips and your books will be everywhere I look. Your writing is refreshing. I think Amazon putting the books on like that is a good idea. Maybe it’s time to get a Kindle?

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