…about Deep in the Valley

YAY! It’s done! Finished!

I say that tongue-in-cheek, because nothing I write is ever actually finished. Any time I read something I’ve written, I’m like a mother scrutinizing an adult child, forever looking for signs of improvement, forehead creased, tut-tutting over this word or that which I now think could have been replaced by one better chosen.

But, after working on this novel since I started writing it in the spring of 2007, I finally called a halt, said, “Enough’s enough!” and packed it off to be published.

So…how “done” is it? I have to say, I’m satisfied. I’m bound up in the characters’ lives, their hard times and happiness touch my heart…and they are alive. (Yeah, yeah, I know. They are fiction, figments of my imagination, but they will always be “alive” to me.)

And, as soon as Deep in the Valley goes live on Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com and Smashwords.com, I’ll be announcing its arrival like a proud parent.


4 thoughts on “…about Deep in the Valley

  1. Thanks for the congrats, Elizabeth. And…I'm celebrating by having a sale on the ebook versions of my other novels — 99 cents! I'll announce the sale when the print version of Deep in the Valley goes live on Amazon. So…..be watching this spot!And thanks for the invitation to the blogfest…I'm on my way!

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