…about silence.

It’s supposed to be golden, isn’t it? At least, that’s what I’ve always heard. But sometimes, I fear it’s not valued as gold is. Particularly when the silence is on a blog where the blog host maintains silence (not on purpose, but because other activities crowded out her blog responsibilities).

I am hereby breaking my recent silence, with a word about the other activities which overshadowed my intentions to keep up with my blog.

Fi rst, I turned my back on my computer a few times and got to spend some wonderful golden moments with dear friends…

Second, I’ve spent some time working on a project which means a lot to me…the anthology my writer’s group is producing…

Third, I’ve done a lot of reading/research for the third book in my historical series…and learned a whole slew of things I hope will enrich the story I hope to write during NaNo next month.

So, there ya have it. But be forewarned: I don’t stay silent forever.

Image: Moi Cody via stock.xchng

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