…about growth.

Everything grows: children, puppies, vegetables, piles of dirty laundry…

One thing I’ve been dimly aware of, hoping it’s been growing, too, is my writing ability. And, yes, it has. Somewhat. It may not seem obvious to some (since my writing abilities may not compare favorably with those of other writers), but my expertise with using the language—with stringing words together into a vehicle that will carry the images in my mind to the minds of others—has grown.

I wasn’t aware of the extent of the improvement, the growth, until I re-read part of my first novel (the one I have to edit “one more time”) last night. And things I’d never seen before jumped out at me: awkward phrasing, redundancy, poor choice of words…you name it, the poor writing was there. I’d known it needed more work. I just wasn’t aware how much more work it needed.

Even so, I’m not devastated at seeing the lack of stellar writing, only a bit more pressured by the “mountain” of work that lies ahead (hey, I just made a pun…cool!).

Let me ask…how is your writing growing?

photograph: Bev Lloyd-Roberts via stock.xchg


12 thoughts on “…about growth.

  1. I am the same as you. I look back at early work and think, 'Wow, that really needs a re-write." Sometimes that is discouraging, but I like your take on it, it means I have grown as a writer. 🙂

  2. I know where you're coming from. I ended up revising three times on my last novel. Now I'm trying to find time to re-write the others. good thing it's a labor of love.Mark

  3. Great cover!I'll read the chapters this weekend!And might I add–your blog is absolutely perfect. Your computer skills make me envious.As for the rewrite process: So many people I know say, "Some day I'm going to write a book." I always wonder if they realize how much work it takes. It HAS to be a labor of love.

  4. You're right, Ray…things grow like weeds!Thanks for the comments on the book cover, Myra. I know Lynnette will be pleased.And yes, there's lots of labor to the edit/rewrite/polish phase of writing…but it's all worth it (is that a sign of the "love" you mentioned?).

  5. Oh Ray! That comment made me laugh out loud. I don't know about "Famous" but I'm pleased that Tommie invited me to visit. And thanks Myra for the compliments on the cover – my publisher did great, didn't they? 🙂

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