…about word count.

When I participated in the NaNoWriMo challenge last November, the important thing was word count. Don’t worry about the plot, the characters, the advice went, as long as the word count is advancing properly.

As a matter of fact, the originator of NaNo has published a book, “No Plot No Problem.” In it, he stresses the importance of just writing. Get that word count moving up. And up. And up.

And he’s right, I think. As long as you have words down on paper (or on screen, as the case may be), you have something to work with, something to edit, to knead, to work into shape, into a story.

So, in spite of all the roadblocks I’m encountering in my drive to increase my word count in this personal “MayNo” I’ve undertaken, I continue to slog along. I suppose I’m hoping that I’ll soon have a burst of energy that will occur simultaneously with a reduction of demands on my time, and that I’ll get my word count moving in the right direction.

image copyright mickylynne via stock.xchng

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